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Back to Work!

Back to Work!

I woke up around 430am today but due to the inviting bed weather, I got up around 5ishh. I quickly took a bath, dress up and swooshh….

I replaced my rosary inside my car before I started driving @620am. Luckily no traffic and MRT was not crowded @635am. I normally get on the train between 6-615am. On a regular working day, you need to be on the platform before 630am to avoid long lines.

from my Auntie Angie and Uncle Peter

Arrived at the office @ 735am, not bad for a commute.

Office View @ Ayala Avenue

New start with new goals!


Started out with my breakfast from Wendy’s while checking my emails. I started working on with our new sub-site that creates stories with different layouts or themes. It was named story teller and created using Drupal.

It was a great working day, we’re just 7 in the office most of my colleagues are still on vacation leave.

I left the office around 435pm. Reached the MRT platform @5:05pm. I always walk from the office to the MRT station because it’s faster compared to walking towards the Jeepney station plus the traffic.


Lucky! I got a seat also and I was able to update my clients of Buy Cavite Homes and start writing this blog.

I went to True Value to check stainless, vacuum or insulated tumblers if there are discounts / promos.
There were promos but I’m looking for a specific tumbler something like Kujaku slim tumblers. Anyway, that can wait and I’m in a hurry ‘coz want to be home early and spend quality time with my family.

Before I go to the parking area, I saw a stall that sells different cellphone accessories.

 I tried to ask if they have a 2M USB Type C cable and Yes they have! and at a good price also.

My last 2M type C is from CDR-king lasted for 4months only. I wonder why type C cords that I bought will just last for 6months. Price range from Php100-1000. So far my favorite is the white generic cord from CDR-king lasted for 6months. I bought 3 of it and place 1 in my car, 1 in my office and 1 with me for power bank and outlets. It suddenly stop working one day at a time.

Arrived home @ 620pm. I continued working on with my postings on my website, social media accounts and this blog after dinner.

That was my day! I’m in bed now and I want to try to sleep again between 9-10pm. As I’m monitoring my weight which includes my daily calorie intake, water, exercise and sleeping hours.

That in All Things, God May be Glorified!

PS. To calculate your water intake, use this formula.

Your weight x 67%

Ex. 160lbs x 67% = 107.2 oz.
Convert it to ml or L.

Hey Google! What is 107.2oz to ml (only for android phones);-)