Blueprint your Future

Great Morning! Wow! I feel good! 6hrs of sleep according to the logs of my smart watch. With technology nowadays you can track different activities. From different physical activities, heart rate, sleep, blood pressure etc. See actigraphy.

I arrived early at the office today, 720am. I prepared my breakfast and at the same time I prepared my medical claims expenses. Allan (road manager) dropped by and asked to help him edit the travel expense claims from our Bicol Assessment. I started to eat my breakfast at 830am 😀

After my breakfast, I worked on the pending tasks assigned to me. After a couple of tasks, I went to Mackim Prints to have 2 sets of blueprints of our house. They asked me to pick it up before lunch.

Mackim Prints Inc. – Valero Plaza

I passed by Chatime and ordered Taro Milk Tea + pudding before I go back to our office.

Chatime Valero

Continued working on with my tasks and I almost forgot to go down and pick up the blueprints, it’s 1140am.

Taro Milk Tea + Pudding while working ♥️

Went back to Mackim Prints and got the blueprints, lunch time! Most of the time, I have packed lunch to save money. At 3pm, Miguel bought us Shawarma, Merienda! It’s so tasty and at an affordable price of P69 Regular and P89 Large.

The Shawarma Shack – Buy 1 take 1

I went home early today to have a long sleep. I feel tired since I worked also last weekend. Bye for now and let’s keep on smiling!

That in all Things, God may be Glorified!

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