Every Day, A Learning Day

UV Express Ride

Fri-yay! I woke up @ 430 am. Thank you God! Another wonderful week! I quickly charged my phone because I slept early last night. (Between 8-9 pm) I don’t have a sleep record too because I also forgot to wear my watch and it’s also charging. Anyway, I checked my emails so while taking a bath I’m doing some planning. 😀

My wife and I left home before 6 am. A little build up on the train platform but we managed to have a seat. She sleeps or most of the time watching K-drama on her phone, thanks to Netflix✌️

If you’re not in a hurry you can ride the BGC Bus Ayala Express. It’s comfortable compared to the 10Php Jeepney ride. I arrived the office @ 745 am. Regular work load.

BGC Bus – Ayala Express

Today we had someone from an agency who presented us Information Visualization and Communication. I learned a lot and this can be applied on the web. It’s a good way to present your idea or data in a simple, enjoyable and easily remembered by your audience.

Information + Graphics = Infographics

I left the office around 630pm. Normal route, I walk for 20minutes. I dropped by Japan Home to buy thermohygrometer.

Analog Thermometer and Hygrometer from Japan Home Centre

Then waited for the p2p bus for an hour. P2P bus ride took 65minutes and I arrived home by 950pm.

P2P Fare from Glorietta to Trinoma

Whew! No Friday night out, I just want to sleep and enjoy the weekend with my family.

Before, I always have time to meet with my friends after office hours but now (maybe of my age haha!) I prefer to be home and plan things that will improve my life. But of course my friends are the best! it’s just that my schedule don’t fit well with theirs and felt that I’m tired chasing the time we always had before. (That’s usually around 5 pm-9 pm – 2 bottles)

Bye for now and don’t forget that everyday is an opportunity day! Grab ’em all!

That in all Things, God may be Glorified!

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