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First day of 2019

First day of 2019

New Year! Yes! Welcome 2019!

Back in Quezon City, sitting right here in our living room.
(Just relaxing before I sleep and after cleaning my work area.)

After the New Year’s Eve celebration at Cavite, our family feasted on blue marlin, aglio e olio, beef caldereta, buttered garlic shrimp, blueberry cheesecake from Purple Oven (QC Branch) and fruit salad.


Well ofcourse we slept late and woke up around 8am.
My son is sick and I was looking after him until 4am.

Breakfast came (my favorite meal) Ham and Scrambled egg with tomatoes and ofcourse RICE! 😀

I was so full so I need to stand and do something to kill time. I decided to declutter my phone screens with hundreds of apps! I was so happy after I successfully arranged my apps all in one screen.

I finished decluttering after lunch! 😀 uninstalling and moving each app icon to specific categories.

Relatives of my inlaws ( Kuya Pito, Ate Ruffa and Kuya Ta) visited us, a quick catch up after lunch time.

My in-laws (father and mother) needs haircut so I drove them to nearby salons. Unfortunately most salons are closed and there’s a huge waiting list for the open salons. We ended buying medicines and went home to have dinner.

At 621pm my family left bacoor and luckily we arrived QC by 728pm, we also dropped by a drug store for the paracetamol of my son.

After unloading stuffs from the car, I decided to clean my area before I sleep. So here I am now, resting with a smile for the first day of the year!

I promise myself to keep track of my daily activities and try to start writing about it everyday.

Good night! It’s 11:28pm

Screenshot of my phone @ 1128pm

PS. I just downloaded Journey at playstore and will try this tomorrow.


That in All Things, God May be Glorified!