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Flight Back to Manila

Flight Back to Manila

I woke up at 430am, took a bath and fixed my things. Flight is 640am Legazpi to Manila. I waited for my team leader and check out the hotel. We rode a tricycle for 5 minutes going to Legazpi Airport.

Legazpi, Albay Airport

Our flight was earlier than we expected. Upon arrival at the Manila Airport, I bought breakfast while waiting to book a grab  car ride. But unfortunately it was hard to book a ride going home. Maybe because it’s the start of the classes and back to regular working days again.

I got home around 1030am and unloaded my things. I tried to sleep before I go to my officemate’s wake at St. John the Baptist – Taytay, Rizal. I prepared my stuffs and left home at 1pm and arrived Taytay before 3pm. Our whole team was there with other colleagues. We reminisce, laugh and some cried also.

Death was unpredictable. Life is short we need to enjoy each day and be thankful for everything we have right now. Spend quality time with your family.

I got home before 10pm. I checked my car and it was not starting. So I use motolite res-q app to ask for a battery check. After 10 minutes the rider arrived. Car started thanks motolite! Download Motor Res-Q App now!

Motolite Res-Q

Almost 11pm now. I will get some rest and tomorrow is another great day to enjoy!

That in All Things, God may be Glorified!

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