Saturday Fun Day!

Saturday! Woke up at 5 am then I checked my emails. I prepared my materials that I will share for our team’s annual planning session. I will discuss about YouTube videos.

I had breakfast (tapsilog) then after it I went to the garage to check my car. It wasn’t starting and voltage dropped to 10.4v. Since I already know the price of my current battery (motolite), I decided to buy and use Amaron again. So I called the nearest automotive shop. Jumpstart Autospa, they picked up my call and delivered the battery at 7am. I chose the model with high ampere and longer warranty period. Amaron Go 2SM with 17 months warranty vs. Amaron Hi-Life 2SM with 21 months warranty. Cost is 5900Php less 400 when you surrender your old batt.

Thanks Jumpstart Auto Spa for a great and quick service early in the morning!
Amaron Hi Life 2SM

Went back inside our house and continue my presentation for Monday. My wife accompanied our helper to the hospital for a medical check – up. I stayed home with the kids and we just ordered chooks to go for our lunch.

Chooks to Go Delivery

After lunch, my kind daughter washed the plates and after the chores, we all took a nap. I woke up and it’s merienda time. We had some hotdogs, siopao and Chuckie! 🤣

Chuckie and 711 Hotdogs

It was a great day playing and talking with my children. I finished my presentation using prezi but unfortunately I need to upgrade my account so I can view it offline. I paid but the upgrade I subscribed in lacks the offline mode. They’ve already changed the plan inclusions. So I asked for a refund the. I just transferred my presentation to PowerPoint. I finished around 11pm, took a shower and went to our room to have a goodnight sleep.

That in all Things, God may be Glorified.

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