Saturday Fun Day!

Saturday! Woke up at 5 am then I checked my emails. I prepared my materials that I will share for our team’s annual planning session. I will discuss about YouTube videos. I had breakfast (tapsilog) then after it I went to the garage to check my car. It wasn’t starting and voltage dropped to 10.4v. […]

Every Day, A Learning Day

Fri-yay! I woke up @ 430 am. Thank you God! Another wonderful week! I quickly charged my phone because I slept early last night. (Between 8-9 pm) I don’t have a sleep record too because I also forgot to wear my watch and it’s also charging. Anyway, I checked my emails so while taking a […]

Life goes on

Still sleepy but I need to woke up and start the day right! I left home before 6am, I reached the train platform by 615am. I went first to Ortigas to get the location plan of our house. I waited until 830am at 711 and had my breakfast. I got the updated location plan in […]

Work-Life Balance

Back to work after the Bicol Assessment of Tropical Depression Usman. I went to meet our Engineer to get the tracing paper for my family’s house construction. I just took an MRT ride and a van going to his place. After that I went to the subdivision admin office to pay for the construction permit, […]

Bicol Rapid Assessment

Great Morning! It’s 2am and I’ve slept for almost 2.5hrs only. I arrived at the airport @ 430am. Ready to go to Bicol region for rapid assessments of municipalities affected by landslides and flooding. Upon arriving at Naga Airport, Allan our “road manager” (coined by our team leader) brought us to a famous bulalo eatery. […]

Crunch Time!

Crowded train stations, jam-packed cafeterias, convenience stores, jolly jeeps and fast-food restaurants. Almost back to a normal working day on the metro. It’s great that I woke up early and escaped the long lines in MRT, they’re back! I still arrived at the office early. Checked emails and wrote down the urgent tasks. After I […]

Back to Work!

I woke up around 430am today but due to the inviting bed weather, I got up around 5ishh. I quickly took a bath, dress up and swooshh…. I replaced my rosary inside my car before I started driving @620am. Luckily no traffic and MRT was not crowded @635am. I normally get on the train between […]