Every Day, A Learning Day

Fri-yay! I woke up @ 430 am. Thank you God! Another wonderful week! I quickly charged my phone because I slept early last night. (Between 8-9 pm) I don’t have a sleep record too because I also forgot to wear my watch and it’s also charging. Anyway, I checked my emails so while taking a […]

Crunch Time!

Crowded train stations, jam-packed cafeterias, convenience stores, jolly jeeps and fast-food restaurants. Almost back to a normal working day on the metro. It’s great that I woke up early and escaped the long lines in MRT, they’re back! I still arrived at the office early. Checked emails and wrote down the urgent tasks. After I […]

Back to Work!

I woke up around 430am today but due to the inviting bed weather, I got up around 5ishh. I quickly took a bath, dress up and swooshh…. I replaced my rosary inside my car before I started driving @620am. Luckily no traffic and MRT was not crowded @635am. I normally get on the train between […]